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What is the Library catalogue?

 The online library catalogue can be accessed both on and off campus and can be used to locate a variety of resources including books (print and online), journals, reports, DVD's, databases, exhibition catalogues, websites and more. 

  • Books and more - use this to search for both print and ebooks
  • Articles - this will search across the journal collection, many articles will be full text
  • Everything - just as it says, this will search all our resources

How many books can I borrow?

  • Undergraduate students - can borrow 15 items at any one time
  • Final year students - can borrow 20 items at any one time
  • Postgraduate students - can borrow 25 items at any one time
  • Academic, research and support staff - can borrow 25 items at any one time

How do I find books?

 You may link here to the library catalogue, there is also a short video to show you how to use it.