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Room and Computer Bookings

General FAQs

Only some areas of the library are bookable; all other areas are for walk-up only use.

Slightly different rules apply to bookable areas. See the Booking FAQs at the bottom of the page for these.

How long can I use the computers for?

Before you log on to a computer, you will see a message on the screen which says how long it is available for. This is the minimum length of time you will be able to use it, and sometimes you will be able to extend your session. The normal minimum session length for walk-up only areas is ten hours.

When can I extend my session?

In walk-up only areas you should always be able to extend your session, except when the library is about to close. However, a problem has been reported which sometimes prevents sessions being extended past midnight. If this affects you, you should save your work, then log back in to this or another computer after midnight.

In bookable areas you will not be able to extend your session if your computer has been booked by another user.

Will I be logged off automatically when my session ends?


How do I know that my session is about to end?

There is a display on the computers showing how much time remains. You will also receive three notifications at 20, 10, and 5 minutes before the end. However, we have received some reports of sessions ending unexpectedly, so always save your work regularly, and let us know if this happens to you.

Do I need to save my work before the end of my session?

Yes. And you should always save your work regularly anyway as a precaution against the computer crashing, power failure etc.

What happens if I leave my computer unattended?

You will be logged off after 4 hours of inactivity. This is to encourage fair use of the computers.

Who can I contact for help?

The first point of contact should be the learning technology helpdesk on the second floor of the library, or

Booking FAQs

For how long can I book a computer?

You can book from a minimum of fifteen minutes to a maximum of four hours. At any one time you can have up to five advance bookings.

How far in advance can I book a computer?

You can book up to fourteen days in advance.

Can I cancel a booking?

Yes, please do delete any bookings you will not use. You can do this via the 'My Bookings' menu on MyPC.

What if I have forgotten which computer I have booked?

Check your email for a booking receipt, or log in to MyPC to see your current bookings. The four digit computer name (e.g. 3201) corresponds to the label on the computers and desks.

What happens if I am late for my booking?

If you do not log in to the computer you have booked within 15 minutes of the start period, then the booking will be canceled. If no one else has booked the machine you are using, you will be given the option to extend your booking for an hour. You can extend multiple times. If you don’t extend the booking, you will be automatically logged off. You will receive warnings 20, 10, and 5 minutes before the end of your session.

Will I lose my work if I haven’t saved it and I am automatically logged off?

Yes, you will need to save your work as the end of your session approaches. It is good practice to save your work regularly anyway, as a precaution against the computer crashing, power failure etc.

Can I make a booking for someone else?

No. You can only book for yourself, and only you will be able log-on to a computer you have booked. In certain circumstances where a user is unable to make a booking, learning technology staff may be able to book on their behalf. Please contact if this applies to you.