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Hello Library

A basic guide for new users to the library.


How many books can I borrow?  

Undergraduate students = 15 library items
Final year students = 25 library items
Postgraduate students = 25 library items
Academic, research and support staff = 25 library items

How do I borrow books?

You need your campus card to borrow books.  Use the self service machines in the Library to issue your books to your account. Watch this short video to see how

How do I renew books?

Your books will automatically renew for you.  So you don't need to renew them yourself unless:

  • Someone else has reserved the book - if so, the Library will email you and ask for the book to be returned as someone is waiting for it.
  • Your books have been renewed for an academic year - the library will email you and ask for the book to be returned (you can borrow them again straight away if you wish)

So keep an eye on your Solent email account!

Finding books

The Library Catalogue is a great starting point for finding quality information.

To find a specific item: search by author surname and one or two keywords from the title:


To find all material on a topic: search using a few, relevant topic keywords:


Browse results list and click on relevant titles (note that different editions or titles we have in print and ebook format are grouped together under one top level link):

Find print books on the shelves by noting the floor location (e.g. 2C or 1A) and the shelf number (e.g. 771.6 BRI - always note the first three letters of the author surname).  Click through to view the number of copies available and sign in to view full details:

Access ebooks

Access ebooks by limiting the results to 'Online resources'.  Click on the ebook title you want to access to link through to it.  If you need to login (on or off campus) you will need your university email address and password.

All copies of a book out on loan? 

Sign in to the Catalogue and then click on the link to 'Request' a copy.  We will email you when the book is then back in the Library and put it aside for you to pick up.


Online reading Lists

Many of your SOL units will have an online reading list.

Look for the eye icon on your unit pages.


Using your list

Your list may contain recommended textbooks along with other sources such as digital chapters, journal articles, websites and more. 

Some lists will be very long and you will need to select a few items that are of interest, others have core reading, or separate weekly readings.  Check with your lecturer if you are unclear about what is required.

Click on the item's title for more information (such as how many printed copies are available) or use the view onlineoption for electronic access:

You may also see online items with digitised material notes - these are chapters or articles that have been made available electronically specifically for your reading list.

 Make sure you follow the access instructions for all your reading list items. 
Most electronic materials require your University email and password.