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Hello Library

A basic guide for new users to the library.

Lower Ground Floor

On this floor you will find the Art,Design & Fashion book stock
Spaces for individual and group study with power sockets 
Soft seating areas

This floor is also home to the Canon print centre - for binding and specialist printing. 


Lower Ground Floor: Images

Book stock

Group Study tables

Relax area


soft seating

Canon print centre

Ground Floor (0A,0B) - Main entrance & Information desk

On this floor you will find the information desk as well as the entrance and exit doors. 
The Assistive technology room, laptop hire, self-service book machines, a printer-copier as well as toilets and a student kitchen. 

Ground Floor 0A You will also find a silent study area (0A) housing the law and criminology books, PCs and Macs and study tables with power sockets.
Ground Floor 0B 
 A group study area (0B) with some computers, power sockets and a bookable room for group use. 

Click here to book a group study room 

Ground Floor: images

Information desk

Laptop hire lockers

Self service book machines

Assistive technology room

Computers in silent study area (0A)

Silent study area (0A)

Bookable group room (0B)

Vending machines (0A)

Student Kitchen

Student kitchen

student kitchen

Floor 0C

Floor 0C houses a large presentation area, tables with plenty of power sockets and display screens for group working and 3 bookable group study rooms.

Click here to book a group study room


Floor 0C: images

Group study room

Bookable group rooms

Laptop hire lockers

Presentation area

Study tables

Floor 0C

Floor 1 (A, B, C)

 Floor 1A is a quiet study area, housing the majority of the print book stock. there are also 17 bookable individual study rooms and plenty of study tables and power sockets. 

click here to book an individual silent study room

You will also find the information librarians' offices on this floor, a bank of PC's, a printer-copier, toilets and a water fountain. 


 Floor 1B is a group study area, housing the Maritime and Construction book stock. there are also study tables and a library staff office (Learning Resource Assistants) offering help and support. 

 Floor 1C is a group study area housing the Computing, Maths and Geography book stock as well as 2  group rooms, study tables and a soft seating area. 


Floor 1: images

Floor 1A book stock

Floor 1A computers

Floor 1A Individual study room

Floor 1A, silent study rooms

Floor 1A study desks overlooking East Park

Floor 1A Librarian's office

Floor 1B book stock

Floor 1B study tables

Floor 1B Tables and books

Floor 1B Learning Resources Staff

Floor 1C group room

Floor 1C group rooms

Floor 1C soft seating area

Floor 2 (A,B,C)

Floor 2A is home to the majority of PC's and Macs, including an area housing specialist gaming PC's and a student LT (Learning Technologies) help desk. There are also group tables with plenty of power sockets.

This floor also houses a vending machine, a water fountain, printer-copiers and toilets. 


Floor 2B is a group study area housing Music, Film, TV, Tourism, leisure, Health & the Body and Nursing books. You will also find some study tables on this floor. 

Floor 2C is a group study area housing the literature book stock, study tables and 2 group rooms.



Floor 2: images

Floor 2A group study area

Floor 2A study tables overlooking East Park

Floor 2 computers

Floor 2 Specialist gaming computers

Floor 2 Macs

Floor 2 vending machine

Floor 2B study tables

Floor 2B Books and study tables

Floor 2B study tables and book stock

Floor 2C group study rooms

Floor 2C soft seating area

Floor 3

Floor 3 is open Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 7pm and houses over 60 PCs split between a quiet individual study area with a printer/scanner/photocopier, and on the opposite side a group area. 

All computers in the library can be pre-booked (once you have a student log in) using MyPC. 



Floor 3: images

Floor 3 quiet area

Floor 3 group area

Floor 3 group computer area

WMA St Mary's campus

St Mary's Campus is situated within the grounds of City College. (just a 10 minute walk from the East Park Terrace campus). Cadets and students studying here will have full access to Solent University Library. 

There is a small reference collection within the Student Study Area which is on the first floor of the St Mary’s building. This collection is for use in that area only and will show on the library catalogue as St Mary's.


WMA- St Mary's Campus: images

St Mary's campus study room

St Mary's reference and study area

St Mary's campus