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Hello Library

A basic guide for new users to the library.


For advice on learning skills such as interpreting an assignment question, writing an assignment and giving an effective presentation, Visit The Assignment Process on the Succeed@Solent site. 

Professional Presence

As well as help with academic writing, referencing and critical thinking succeed@solent also provide a series of tutorials on protecting your identity, employment, and social media use.  


In academic writing, it's essential that you cite (state) your sources of information and ideas. To ensure readers know where you found the information you must include referencesImage result for referencing

You need to reference all the sources that you use in your assignments - by citing them in the main body of your assignment (an in-text reference) and compiling a full reference list at the end of your work. 

Referencing guide - this guide will give you help and information regarding the different styles of referencing used at Solent. 

The Library offers additional help with referencing queries via   


Click through for books in the library providing referencing help and information. 

DigiBuds Student Peer Mentoring Scheme


The DigiBuds are a group of friendly, helpful, digitally confident student peer mentors who offer support to other students on all things techy! Visit their page to see how they can help you.