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Health and Social Care

Finding Information

StepsNeed help with your assignments and research?

Follow the 4 steps to finding and referencing quality information for your assignments and dissertations. 

Better Googling will help you get much better search results from Google Scholar.

Finally don't forget that you are always welcome to contact me, either call into the office on ML110 or by email  You could get a group of fellow students together and arrange a session.


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Step 1 Keywords - Your Starting Point

Watch the video on keywords and their importance in searching for information

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Step 2 - Putting It All Together - AND, OR - NOT

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Step 3 - Evaluating Your Results

Evaluating your results.

Once you have have run your search in one of the databases or Google you need to look at what you have found and evaluate the results.  Don't just assume the results are perfect for your needs.   

Ask these questions                                                                            

Are the results up-to-date? 

Are the results reliable? 

Are the authors authoritative? 

Are the authors biased? 

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Watch the video for a  look at evaluating resources 


TutorialClick on Tutorial to see if you understand how to evaluate a resource

Step 4 - Refining Your Search - The Final Step

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Search Process


Refining your search is final step in the process.   It is rare to get the perfect results first time.   Use what you have found to re-do your search.   

The process can be illustrated as in this diagram.  Then watch the video.

Lecture Recording

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