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Adult Nursing

Dissertation Support Tutorials

These tutorials will get you started on your dissertations.  If you want to book an appointment for one-to-one support, email, stating your course or programme of study.  

Remember it is important to follow the guidelines set down in your assessment brief and talk to your supervisor for guidance and advice.  


Tutorial 1:  Getting your research underway.





Tutorial 2: Planning your research 



Tutorial 3: Running your search



Systematic Reviews

For information about Systematic Reviews use this LibGuide

Systematic Reviews 

PRISMA Check List and Flow Chart

PRISMA  Checklist

The checklist outlines the content to include in your systemtatic review, the title, abstract, methods, results, discussion and funding.


PRISMA Flowchart 2020 

The flowchart shows  the number of records identified, included and excluded, and the reasons for exclusions.




This is the older version of PRISMA.  It is simpler than the 2020 version




To see a completed Prisma diagram, try a google search

Audit Trail

Above is an example of an Audit Trail. This is a document which you use to track your searches and is particularly useful for those assignments where you need to demonstrate your research purpose or where you are using something like the PRISMA flowchart.

Simply set up a table in an Excel spreadsheet or Word document and create columns to record the title of the database/tool you are searching, the date you are searching it (you may wish to search that same source on more than one occasion), the search terms used and how you have combined them (including any search punctuation), any limiters applied to your results, and the number of records returned from the search.

In this was you can not only show how thorough your search has been but also the impact that changes to your terms or limiters have had on the results, demonstrating your ability to improve your search using the skills you have learned.