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Room and Computer Bookings

Bookable computers

The PCs on the third floor of the library and some of the Macs on the second floor are bookable. 

The key points to remember are:

    • Each booking can be up to 4 hours long
    • You can have up to 5 bookings at any one time
    • You can book up to 14 days in advance
    • You must log-on within 15 minutes of your booking start time, or you will lose the booking

Consult our Booking guide for an overview of the booking process and the Booking FAQs for more details.

You can still use computers in this area without booking, but be aware that they might be booked by someone else, and you will only be able to use them until that booking starts. Check the screen before logging in to see how long a computer is available for.

Walk-up computers

Most computers in the library are currently available for walk-up only use, and you should be able to use these computers much as you did before the introduction of MyPC.

Consult the FAQs for details.

You can check the availability of computers in all areas of the library.

Guide to Locations

The table below details the locations in the library and the type/number of computers there. 

Location name Resource type Study type1 No. of computers Location code2 Bookable
Lower Ground Floor (01-29) Apple Macs Group 26 B1 No
Lower Ground Floor (30-36) Apple Macs Group 7 B1 Yes
Ground Floor: Quick Access Windows PCs (15 minute limit) Quick Access 2 01 No
Ground Floor: Front Windows PCs Group 18 01 No
Ground Floor: Rear Windows PCs Silent 74 02 No
First Floor: Front Windows PCs Quiet 8 11 No
First Floor: Rear Windows PCs Quiet 23 12 No
First Floor: Dual Monitors Windows PCs (with 2 monitors) Quiet 7 12 Yes
Second Floor: Front Windows PCs Group 32 21 No
Second Floor: Rear (Macs 01-42) Apple Macs Group 42 22 No
Second Floor: Rear (Macs 43-56) Apple Macs Group 14 22 Yes
Second Floor: Rear Windows PCs Group 70 23 No
Second Floor: Rear Specialist PCs Group 16 24 Yes3
Third Floor: Group  Windows PCs Group 49 31 Yes
Third Floor: Quiet Windows PCs Quiet 15 32 Yes

More details on types of study area are available on the Library Portal.

2 The location code is the first two digits of the resource number for any computer booking you make. So resource number 3201 is computer 01 in area 32, which is the Third Floor : Group Study area. This number corresponds to the number on the stickers on the desk and computer.

3 The PCs in this area are able to run specialist software. Please do not book or use these PCs unless you need to use this software. You may be asked to move to another computer if these PCs are in demand and you do not need the specialist software.