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Film & Television

Useful websites

BARB - includes television viewing figures, trends and more.

The Cinematologists - podcast and film club for discerning cinephiles

British Film Institute - watch films online (many for free), interviews with filmmakers and TV producers, statistics

Inventing Entertainment: The Early Motion Pictures and Sound Recordings of the Edison Companies 

British Council Film Collection - collection of short films produced in the 1940s (during the war)

David Bordwell's website on cinema - essays, blogs. etc

Silent Era - articles about the silent era of films

BBC Archives -  collections of audio and video recordings

Capturing Reality - interviews with top documentary film-makers

Radio Times 1923-2009 - listings information  You can search the site for BBC programmes, people, dates and Radio Times editions.

Media History Digital Library - digitised collections of classic film periodicals and books in the public domain.

Open Culture - lots of free movies covering silent films, film noir, Hitchcock, Tarkovsky, Dziga Vertov, documentaries and more.

Prelinger Archives - 60,000 US "ephemeral" (advertising, educational, industrial, and amateur) films