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The Library Catalogue is a great starting point for finding quality information... Use the options to search for books, journals, articles, DVDs and more.  This page shows you how to get started...

screenshot of library catalogue search box

Find BOOKS via the Library Catalogue


To find a specific item: search by author surname and one or two keywords from the title:

screenshot of catalogue search box


To find all material on a topic: search using a few, relevant topic keywords:

screenshot of catalogue search box


Browse results list and click on relevant titles (note that different editions or titles held in print and ebook format are grouped together under one top level link):

screenshot of a catalogue record showing book locations as an example

Find print books on the shelves by noting the floor location (e.g. 2C or 1A) and the shelf number (e.g. 771.6 BRI - always note the first three letters of the author surname).  Click through to view the number of copies available and sign in to view full details:

screenshot of a catalogue record showing book and floor locations as an example

Access ebooks

Access ebooks by limiting the results to 'Online resources'.  Click on the ebook title you want to access to link through to it.  If you need to login (on or off campus) you will need your university email address and password.

All copies of a book out on loan? 

Sign in to the Catalogue and then click on the link to 'Request' a copy.  We will email you when the book is then back in the Library and put it aside for you to pick up.

Find ARTICLES via the Articles search


Select the 'Articles & Conference proceedings' option in the drop-down menu by the search box.

To find a specific item: search by author surname and a few keywords from the article title.

To find all articles on a topic: search using a few, relevant topic keywords (you can adapt your search to add in more terms or use fewer/more general terms etc as needed depending on the results you get):


visual example of text above


You can narrow your results list down to quality, peer reviewed articles by clicking on Peer-reviewed journals:

screenshot showing a search with refine settings  enabled

Access full text of articles

Access the full text by clicking on an article title - this will list all the providers we subscribe to who offer access to the article.  If you are off campus, follow the Login instructions. 

    screenshot example of ebook access terms



Use the Everything option in the drop-down menu to search for books, articles - everything! - in one go.


Use the options in your results list to limit your results to books, journals etc if needed.

Save and organise results

screenshot visual of 'pin' and sign in area

Sign in to the Catalogue

You can save results you want keep hold of by SIGNING IN to the Catalogue and using the PIN icon to review pinned records.


Pin items you want to save

You can select records to PIN using the icons within your results list.

screenshot visual example of catalogue records 'pinned' 


Add labels to organise items

With your pinned list you can add labels to describe or categorise the results you've saved (useful if researching different topics).  You can then view lists of results by label.

visual example of viewing pinned list by label


Generate references for books and articles

You can use the citation button referencing citation button icon within your list to start generating Harvard Solent references for books and journal articles only (remember to check and edit them to ensure they're correct).


This video below will show you how to get started: