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Copyright for Solent Students

Guide for students on copyright

Who owns copyright?

Who owns copyright?

Generally the author is the first owner of copyright in a literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work (including photographs), software and databases.

For films, the principal director and the film producer are joint authors and the first owners of the copyright.

The copyright in sound recordings, broadcasts and published editions generally belong to the producer, broadcasting organisation or the publisher as well as the author, composer or lyricist.

Authors of articles in academic journals are often obliged to assign copyright and then have no further rights to make copies.

There is no need to register copyright or even use the copyright symbol: © You own the copyright as soon as you create something.

Your own work (Intellectual Property) (IP) at University

The University encourages the discovery, development and application of Intellectual Property (IP). The creativity and involvement of staff and students are encouraged and supported through the provision of a policy to promote, recognise, evaluate, protect, exploit and reward IP.

If you would like to find out about submitting an application to protect and/or exploit IP at Solent University, please contact the Research and Innovation Office or email