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Fake News

This guide is all about news, newspapers and so called Fake News. What it is, What it means, How to spot it and how to find quality, reliable information.


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This guide can help you identity, learn about and avoid so-called 'Fake News'. 

You will find a range of examples, videos, games and fact checkers to help you spot fake information and find more accurate and reliable sources.

This guide will also show you how to access our small print newspaper collection, and online news databases and websites. 

Meet the Information Librarians

Celia Forrester   Dan Scutt         

    Celia Forrester          Dan Scutt                Mike Jones

The Information Librarians can help you with researching for your assignments, conducting literature reviews, referencing and developing all the skills needed to locate and evaluate quality information sources.

Support is available via email or you can request an individual (or small group) appointment.

Please feel free to email and a member of the team will deal with your query or appointment request as quickly as possible (please allow up to 3 working days for a reply).