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Welcome to your subject guide     

Use the tabs on the left to navigate to the information you need.  If this is the first time you have visited this guide you might want to spend some time looking at "Finding Information" for tips on how to get the best out of our resources.

If you need any help with finding information or help with referencing, don't hesitate to contact the Information Librarians

Meet the Information Librarians

Celia Forrester   Dan Scutt         

    Celia Forrester          Dan Scutt                Mike Jones

The Information Librarians can help you with researching for your assignments, conducting literature reviews, referencing and developing all the skills needed to locate and evaluate quality information sources.

Support is available via email or you can request an individual (or small group) appointment.

Please feel free to email and a member of the team will deal with your query or appointment request as quickly as possible (please allow up to 3 working days for a reply).


Level 4 & 5 Students


All undergraduate students can borrow 25 items at any one time.  You can also have 15 inter-library loans a year.


Support for Assignments & Referencing 

You can book an appointment if you are struggling to find information for your assignments or want guidance on referencing.  You may want to get together  a group and book some time.  It is likely that your lecturer will book some time for me to deliver a workshop or other type of session sometime during your first year.  


Thinking About Your Dissertation/Final Year Project/Literature Review?

You may want to start thinking about your major final year piece of work in the last term of your Level 5 year.  You may request inter-library loans in support of this.  If you want help in planning your literature search, book an appointment, email

Level 6 & Postgraduate Students

Level 6 and Postgraduate students have additional rights and privileges.

Increased loan entitlements 

Final year students, postgraduate and research students can borrow up to 25 items at a time. 


Inter-Library Loans

This a service where the library will acquire a copy of an article or book for you from another library.  Articles will most probably be delivered to you electronically within a few days, books have to come by post and will take longer.  Before you make a request check to see if there is an alternative online copy in one of our other databases or on Google Scholar .  If not, then request the article via our Inter-Library loan service.  You may have 15 inter-library loans a year.


Literature Review/Dissertation

You may want to book an appointment to discuss the literature search or referencing aspects of your literature review or dissertation to arrange one, email



Sconul Access  is  scheme whereby university library users can use books and journals held in other university collections.  You need to register here first before using the other library.  Also remember to connect your computer or mobile to the eduroam network on campus here.  This will allow you to use the network in  universities who also have eduroam.  More details from the help desk on Floor 2 of library.  

FAQs -Quick Answers

If the FAQs don't answer your question, please or the library CHAT Questions


The library doesn't have the article I need- can you help?

If we don't have an article or a book we will know a library that does!   You  can request an inter-library loan.   The number of requests you can make depends on your level of study.

  • All Undergraduates  - 15 per year 
  • Postgraduate students -   30 per year
  • Staff - 30 per year.

 Access the Interlibrary loans form 


I can't access articles from home/work and I know the library has them.

If you have found the article on Google Scholar or Google try copying and pasting the title into the Articles tab on the library catalogue and following the instructions for off-campus access.  This will normally work.  If it doesn't work look for the journal title in the catalogue and search for the article that way.  It is possible we have access to the journal, but your article may fall outside our subscription (too early or too late).   If the article is old you may wish to consider if this useful for your research  - is it older than you are or is it a classic piece of research that you would be expected to read? 


I can't find anything on my topic

Finding information isn't always easy and can be frustrating.   Have a look in Finding Information tab for more advice on selecting keywords for your search.  Use the specialist databases in the databases tab and search those - they will give better results than Google.    If you are still struggling email and ask for an appointment  


Can you check my references for me?

I'm sorry but I cannot check your references as this forms part of your assessment.  What I can do is provide advice  and guidance on how to reference  and respond to specific queries.  There is lots of advice and guidance on the library portal.  Access Referencing Help  You might also want to investigate using a tool such as RefWorks to manage your references for you.  Again contact me for additional help 


Can you proof read my essay?

I'm sorry, but I'm not allowed to proof read work.  You might want to get a trusted colleague, partner or parent to do it for you.