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Study Room Bookings

Library study rooms

Solent University Library has 8 group study rooms and 17 individual study rooms, most of which can be booked in advance.

 BOOK an INDIVIDUAL (silent study) room

 BOOK a GROUP room


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If library rooms are fully booked or unsuitable, you can also book a room elsewhere on campus.

Booking regulations

Please be aware of the following regulations when placing a booking: 

  • There is no need to log in to the computers or otherwise check-in to confirm your booking
  • Keep the email confirming your booking. You might need to show it when you are at the room, as it is the only proof that you have booked the room; library desk staff do not have a list of bookings.
  • Each booking can be up to 4 hours long
  • You can book up to 7 days in advance
  • You can book up to 8 hours in individual study rooms each day
  • You can book up to 4 hours in group study rooms each day

No booking but you'd like to use a room?

You can use the study rooms without booking in advance but be aware they might be booked by someone else, and you could be asked to leave the room. Logging in to the computer does not book you the room.

Please note: Library staff reserve the right to clear unattended possessions from study rooms where necessary.

Library Computers

From August 2023, library computers will not be bookable; usage data shows that only a tiny fraction of computer use last year was through advance bookings. 

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