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Study space and Computer Bookings

Individual study rooms

There are 17 study rooms available on the first floor of Solent University Library, on 1A. 

They are for:

  • Individual, silent study.
  • All Solent students and staff. 

Until Thursday 6 April, the rooms are bookable (see how to book a room) and include a computer. You must log in to the computer when you arrive in order to secure your booking.

From Friday 7 April until further notice, the rooms will not be bookable, and may be used on a first come, first served basis. The computers in the rooms are out of date and need to be removed; this will happen during April. 

Please note: These rooms are not suitable for practising presentations in as talking is not permitted. Please either use a group study room or use the presentation areas in 0C.

Group study rooms

There are eight bookable group study rooms in the Library (see how to book a room). Each room contains either a PC or a Mac. The rooms are for:

  • Small groups (not individual use)
  • All Solent students.

The doors to all group study rooms must be kept open at all times to ensure adequate ventilation.

The rooms contain an air quality monitor. The monitor should display a green indicator (as in the image). If it displays an amber indicator, please reduce occupancy of the room and contact a member of library staff.

Air quality monitor showing green indicator

Booking regulations

Please be aware of the following regulations when placing a booking: 

  • Each booking can be up to 4 hours long
  • When your booking is coming to an end, you may extend the booking by 1 hour at a time, provided the room is available
  • You can book up to 14 days in advance
  • You can book for any time when the library is open
  • You can have up to 5 advance bookings at any one time
  • There is no fixed limit to the number of hours you can use the rooms or computers.
  • You must log-on within 15 minutes of your booking start time, or you will lose the booking.

Bookings for study rooms and for other computers in the library all count towards the allowances above.

No booking but you'd like to use a room?

You can use the study rooms without booking in advance but be aware they might be booked by someone else. You will only be able to use them until the next booking starts.

Check the computer screen to see how long a room is available for and log-in to secure the room for as long as possible.

Please note: Library staff reserve the right to clear unattended possessions from study rooms where necessary.

Booking a room

The study rooms at Solent University Library are bookable via MyPC.

To book a room, select the Site 'Library study rooms' and the date you would like to book:

The coloured blocks show rooms that are unavailable (e.g. booked, in use, etc,.). The grey squares indicate availability.  In the example above, Room 112 is booked from 8.30 to 12.30, but Room 113 is available at this time.

Click on the square for the time you would like your booking to start (each square represents 15 minutes) and fill in the pop-up that appears. You will receive an email confirming your booking.

When you book a room, your booking is assigned to the computer in that room. This means you will need to log-in to the computer in the room within 15 minutes of the start of the booking, otherwise the booking will be lost. You need to do this even if you do not intend to use the computer. Please also remember to log out of the computer when you finish using the room.


For more details on making a booking consult the booking guide.