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Can't Access an Article?

Some eResources just provide citation details and an abstract (a short summary) rather than the full article.  You can use the abstract to decide if the full text is worth reading. 

If you want to read the full text and it is not available:

  • Use "Is it @ SSU?" buttonis it at SSU icon  to see if the article is available anywhere else in the Library
  • Alternatively, look up the journal title (not the article title!) on the Library Catalogue to see if we have a subscription
  • Still no luck?  Check Google and Google Scholar for a copy - easily done if you search by "article title"
  • I really want this article and can't get it!  Apply for an inter-library loan - you can have a certain amount of these for free whilst at Solent. Please remember that there is a charge for the Library so only request items that you really need:

screenshot showing linked full text selected

If you only want to see articles that are available: 

  • Restrict your searches to Full Text using the options provided

  • Set up Google Scholar library links (see Google Scholar tab).

Picking Relevant Results

Sometimes you will get quite a few results and you will need to pick out the most relevant. 

First, ensure you have a good set of results to choose from:

  • your initial search uses all relevant words, "phrase searching", truncatio* and more
  • sort your results by relevancy
  • apply any relevant filters such as fulltext/peer reviewed/location/subject

Now look through your results:

  • Note where your search words appear in the title/sentences - this helps you decide if something is worth clicking on.
  • ​For each relevant article, click through and read the summary/abstract.  If it looks of interest, read the conclusion or last paragraph.  If it is still of interest, download and read the entire article.
  • Repeat multiple times!

screenshot of article summary

Video: Simple Searching

video icon   Getting too many or too few results?  Watch Simple Searching to find out how you can improve:

Retail Week Contents

Retail Week

Retail Week is an online database which provides the latest information on high street business and retail. You will find up-to-date retail news, sector information, research reports, and analysis. It includes discussion of business activities, employees, stores, branding, e-commerce, and other strategies.

Retail Week Sectors tab

By using tabs you can find information on:

  • Sectors. The latest news, analysis, data, and video on the retail sectors including grocery, fashion, department stores, home & DIY, electricals, health & beauty, general merchandise, entertainment, and sports & leisure.

  • Topics. The latest news, analysis, data, and video on topics including technology, supply chain, finance, policy & legal, international, customer, people, and marketing.

  • Companies. This provides an A to Z list of companies with in-depth news and analysis on many high street and online stores.

  • Data. This includes a series of interactive graphs with explanations and analysis which track retail data, retail rankings, and a variety of infographics.

The Data Tab

The Data Tab includes a series of really useful interactive graphs, commentary, and analysis, which can be  downloaded and used in assignments. You can find the methodology for each graph at the bottom of every page.

  • Footfall Index. A weekly index and analysis of footfall for the high street, retail parks, and shopping centres. 

  • Online Footfall Index. A monthly index of online traffic by sector, including department stores and online sellers such as Amazon, ebay, and Argos.

  • Sales Tracker. A chart of the most recent two weeks of sales from 70 mid-market retailers with 10,000 individual stores grouped by lifestyle, fashion, homeware, and non-store.

  • Etail Sales Tracker. A chart and supporting analysis containing five years of online retail sales from UK-based websites.

  • Cost Base Index. A quarterly chart of operating costs faced by retailers covering labour, rent, distribution and fuel, rates, advertising, and utilities.

  • Fashion Monitor. Tracks public perception of selected retailers focusing on purchase consideration, quality, and value.

WARC Contents

WARC is an online resource which covers advertising best practice along with evidence and insights from the world's leading brands. It contains the latest news, journal articles, company profiles, trend reports, and case studies from more than 50 leading content sources worldwide across all aspects of marketing communications and advertising.

WARC holds content from industry leaders such as Admap, Market LEader, Journal of Advertising Research, and the International Journal of Market Research.

It also contains over 100 in-depth Topi pages, arranged across 11 themes, including brand analysis, branding & design, and creative approaches. Information is available on a wide variety of industry sectors such as: clothing & accessories, leisure & entertainment, retail, and technology & electronics.

There is also international information from over 100 different countries.

WARC homepage

Key Features of WARC


A great place to begin exploring - includes insightful reports and articles along with news items on 70 key marketing topics such as Brand Analysis, Social Media, Shopper Insight, and Luxury Brands. You can alos browse by industry sectors or geography.

WARC 100

An annual ranking and evaluation of the world's best marketing campaigns, agencies, and brands, based on their performance in effectiveness and strategy competitions.

Case Finder

Over 12,000 studies on effective advertising, easily searchable and broken down into themes such as sector, approach, and objective.

Strategy Toolkit

Seven modules to help you develop your skills, covering brand strategy, consumer insight, and campaign development.


Latest advertising expenditure from 90 global markets as well as comparisons of global media costs and adspend forecasts for 12 key countries. You can use prepared 'takeaway tables' or create your own with the 'build your own table' option.


This section will give you daily updated on key developments in brand strategy and marketing thought leadership as well as fresh research findings.

Pitch Builder

An easy way to find relevant information, pulling together content on subjects and brands. It also contains a guide that helps you through the process of setting up a new business plan.

Searching Mintel

The Mintel home screen has recently changed and no longer has the "Category Overview" menus which featured on the previous version. The best way to find reports on Mintel is to search by keyword from the home screen, then use the filters to narrow your results by sector, demographic etc. This video gives an introduction to searching on Mintel:

video icon  Please ensure you log into SOL in order to view this video: log into SOL

TGI Snapshot Introduction

This is an introduction to TGI Snapshot from Johnston Business Library in Canada. The data set demonstrated is Canadian. Solent's subscription offers access to UK data only.