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Performance and Theatre

Useful websites

Dance Teacher.Com - a predominately free to access website designed for dance educators with advice and inspiration for your teaching practice and your studio business.

Didaskalia: the journal for Ancient Performance - peer reviewed online journal for Greek and Roman theatre

Theatre History on the web - large collection of links to theatre sites organized by period as well as links to large theatre collections in research centers, libraries and museums.

Theatre - the origins of theatre 

The British Comedy Guide - links to UK comedy websites

Open University The language of comedy - short interviews from Charie Higson, Isy Suttie on topics such as innuendo and class.

The Birth of Comedy - Greek theatre and comedy - you will need  an i-tunes account to listen to the podcast

Theatre Archive Project - British Library project aims aims to reinvestigate British theatre history 1945-1968, from the perspectives of both the theatre goer and the practitioner

Theatre Voice - audio content relating to British theatre, featuring actors, writers and directors talking about their work

GlobePlayer - Shakespeare's Globe Theatre; some free content available (mostly interviews with actors and directors)  

Google Search Tips

Google Searching Tips

There are some tips you can use to improve the results. 

Look through all the results - the top one might not be the best for your research although Google will try to give you the most relevant one first there are many other factors to be taken into account. 

See Google's help pages.



Try some modifiers to type in your Google search box to refine your searches and get better results

  • Exact phrase searches - use "quotation marks" around phrases to get results that include the exact phrase

  • Looking to define a word or phrase - type define: and you will get links to definitions to your word or phase

  • Type Allintext: then your word(s) to search for word(s) in the text only

  • Allintitle: to search for multiple words in the title

  • Intitle: to search for single word in the title