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Performance and Theatre

HE Printed Music Licence

For 2020-21 Solent University has subscribed to a Trial of a Higher Education Printed Music Licence (HEPML) allowing students and staff on the Musical Theatre course only to copy printed music for teaching and learning purposes.  This has been introduced to facilitate easy and fair access to printed music.  

The licence allows:

  • copying and arranging of sheet music (Solent must own or subscribe to the original copy).
  • copies to be made for the students on the Musical Theatre course only.
  • a whole work can be copied and up to 10% of an anthology (number of items) or workbook (number of pages).  
  • copies can be made in physical format, or by scanning and storing/disseminating on a secure network.
  • copies can be emailed to students via their university email only.

Anything you copy must have this statement added: “Copy made on (date) only for use in connection with (name of course) under the Trial HEPML held by Solent University”

Staff and students must report details of anything they copy to the licensing body.

Some publishers are excluded from copying under this licence (this list may grow so please check regularly).

Full details of the licence can be found on the HEPML website.

Students and staff on courses other than Musical Theatre are not permitted to copy printed music under this licence.  Copying of printed music is not permitted under fair dealing.  Please see Copyright @ Solent or Copyright for Solent Students for information on copyright.

Submitting your copying data under the HEPML

Students and staff on the Musical Theatre course are responsible for submitting their own data detailing each item copied in order to comply with Solent's licence.  There are two options available for submitting this data: