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Media & Culture

Find audience statistics

There are a number of resources you can access to find viewing statistics and audience demographic information.  Click on the links below to access the Library's resources which provide this data. 

You may also find a careful Google search can produce some useful results!


Try searching for statistics on your topic - for example, you could search for iPlayerITV; BBC and so on... 

You will get access to graphs/charts displaying relevant statistics.  Plus you may get dossiers on a topic which include a wealth of information within them.


Access market research reports on a range of topics. 

For market research on television viewing, you could try searching for the term viewing or perhaps TV or television to find a range of reports including 'TV viewing habits'.

When you have accessed a particular report, have a look at all the sections available - or try the 'Search this report' option to find specific terms within the report. 

You may want to look at the 'Databook' linked to within reports (if available).  This should give you all the detailed data used in the research (and may give you demographic information).


BARB (Broadcasters' Audience Research Board) provides access to reports such as 'The viewing report' and 'The SVOD report' (from the 'Trendspotting' menu). You can also use the 'Viewing Data' menu option to access more detailed data.

Freely available - no login required!

Magazines and newspapers

Access Broadcast (a key industry magazine) or search newspaper articles to find commentary and data on your topic.

Annual reports

Search for annual reports etc. from the channel provider using a search engine...  These reports may contain relevant data and background information.