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Useful websites

Newsworks for circulation figures 

ABC - Audit Bureau of Circulation - free access to circulation data 

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism 

BBC Academy for Journalism  - oversees training for BBC News staff and focuses on core journalism skills as well as  safety, legal and ethical issues

Hold the Front Page  - the home of UK regional news and jobs -  this website provides a wealth of information for UK journalists

Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism  - allows free downloads of many of its publications

European Journalism Centre -   a resources section with links to journalism organisations, news, newspapers, magazines, news agencies, broadcasters, copyright and weblogs

Capturing Reality - interviews with top documentary film-makers

BBC Radio 4 - In Our Time - contains animations of history of ideas, links to radio programmes on huge range of topics

US Television news archive aims to include every TV news programme from 2009 onwards

The Leveson Inquiry:  culture, practices and ethics of the press - 2012

Emerging skills for journalists - September 2014

BREXIT - the broadcast archive from the British Library

British Library - is this the end of newspapers?  In the light of the Independent and The Independent on Sunday closing down, there has been much discussion about the future of newspapers

Explore Writing - British Museum- covers what is writing, deciphering lost languages and the value of being able to read and write.




Periodicals Publishers Association Careers page too, which links to the Periodicals Training Council website