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Accountancy, Finance and Economics

Useful websites

There is a range of useful free information covering all aspects of accountancy, finance and economics from government, organisations and professional bodies websites. Use the links below to get started.

For websites which help with international and overseas trade, see our 
Marketing Subject Guide. 

Budget information can be located from the parliament topic page and the spending and taxation page.


Need a definition?  Try the FT Lexicon



Government and organisations:   



Professional Bodies and Associations (look out for student newsletters, publications and alerting features): 


Accounting Standards:




View Merger Updates from the London Stock Exchange's Regulatory News Service (RNS)
use "Show Filters" and pick "Merger Update" in the Headline section - change the Period to Last week or Last month.


Personal Finance:




Share prices:

  • London Stock Exchange: search by company name, by sector and by index for in-depth price, company and trading information for securities traded on the LSE's markets. Information provided includes a graph of historical share prices for up to one year.
  • Yahoo! Finance:  contains historical share prices for listed companies for 5 years or more.
  • BBC News Market Data 

  • MorningStar
  • (US) 
  • NYSE (US)

Websites - economics/trade

Many of the site below link to background information on particular countries (economy, culture, trade performance, etc).  
You can also use the Library Catalogue to find relevant books. 

Key General Websites 

Try the World Bank and OECD - both of which include reliable free information and:

International Trade



  • GlobalEdge: international business resource desk - is a web portal for information on global business activity with numerous links to regional and international resources. It also includes a handy currency converter, and a glossary of international business terms.
  • UKtradeinfo - Provides comprehensive information on UK trade movements throughout the world, including codes, guides, bulletins, factsheets, exchange rates and more. Some of the trade data requires prior registration (free). The World Links page [select Information Centre from the menu] provides a list of web links to statistical sites around the world.
  • Exporting is Great - this government site includes advice and support for business on exporting as well as a selling overseas tool



  • International Trade Centre (ITC) - provides information, analysis and support for exporters, importers and trade support institutions in developing and transition economies. The Countries page of their website provides a world-wide index of links to trade information sources and performance data. The Products & Services page includes aggregated trade statistics analysing each country's performance by sector and by specific product. (Note: some parts of the ITC site are for subscribers only.)



GDP (Gross Domestic Product)



FDI (Foreign Direct Investment)


  • OECD (International Direct Investment Statistics dataset) provides annual FDI data (inflows, outflows, inward/outward positions) for OECD member countries by country/sector dating back to 1985 (NB read country reports onscreen, cannot download to pdf).
  • The World Bank World Development Indicators provides annual FDI Data (net inflows/outflows, Balance of Payments (BOP), and %GDP) for approximately 200 countries (coverage will vary from country to country).
  • UK Data Service provides access to various datasets from international government agencies.

Developmental economics

Development Economics

More information can be found via these websites: