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Journals Introduction

Academic Journals and Articles pair of reading glasses on piece of paper

Scholarly or academic journals contain lots of individuals articles on specific topics, written by different authors. 

They are highly regarded as a source of academic information because they include expert opinions, research findings and references to follow up.  

They are written by specialised professionals and academics (such as your lecturers). 

icon of a star  Finding, reading and referencing relevant journal articles will get you the highest marks. 

Finding Journal Articles

  How do I find journal articles?

1) Check your Reading list!

  • If your lecturer has recommended some titles, click on these, follow the access instructions and then do a basic search. 
  • It's always a good idea to reference some journal articles from recommended sources in your assignments

2) Do a quick search on the Articles tab via the Library Catalogue. 

  • Enter your search terms
  • Refine your results using the Peer-reviewed Journals option (this then lists articles from the most scholarly journals), incorporate any further options to Refine your results, these will show in your Active filters
  • Use Available online to see where you can access the article 
  • Check the access instructions and then select link underneath 'full text availability' text 



The Articles tab is very general and you may get a lot of results which are not relevant. 

3) Use a Library eResource

  • Here you can locate journal articles on specific topics which are directly aimed at your subject area.  Find details in the eResources section on the left.

The Library pays for you to have access to these key resources and you will improve your marks if you read and reference appropriate library materials in your work!

Maritime Journal Titles

 Specific Journals

Listed below are some specific journals, written by experts, which are relevant to your course. 

Search within these to find current, reliable and relevant academic information for your assignments.

These journals are subscription-only so you must access them through the links below and login using the instructions provided. 

If you search for a journal title in the Library Catalogue, use the Journals option under Resource Type.  Click on the View Online tab for access details.  We often have multiple providers for journal titles and you will need to check the available date to select the one which best suits your needs. 

Print titles can be found on Floors 1A, 1C, 1B and 0A (Law). Use the library catalogue to check locations.  Useful ejournals for science and environment include:

International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law 

Maritime Risk International

Maritime Economics and Logistics

Maritime Policy and Management

Shipping Insights - Monthly Analysis of the Shipping Markets

TransNav, The International Journal on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation (free publication)

WMU Journal of Maritime Affairs - The international Journal for professionals in maritime administration, industry and education