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Box of Broadcasts (BoB)

How to access BoB National

Search for BoB or BoB National in the library catalogue and click on the title or view online, (You can also search in Google for

Watch the short video tutorials below to see how to log in to BoB and how to get started. 


Searching for programmes

Searching for programmes

BoB has excellent search features. If you want to find the episode of the Dragons’ Den where the Trunki suitcase was dismissed as not viable, just type in Trunki and it will retrieve a list of programmes where the product is mentioned

You can search programmes and clips or other users’ public playlists.

Click on the programme title to view. You can use the transcript to jump to relevant segments of the programme.

Of course you can also view the TV/radio guide 

Watch this short video tutorial on how to search

Requesting a programme

You can schedule up to five of your own recordings per day. Don’t be surprised if someone has beaten you to it and it is already set to record.

Click " guide” to open the EPG (electronic programme guide).

Programmes in green have been recorded and are available to watch. Amber means the programme will be available to watch soon. programmes in Blue mean you can request to record these. 

Click on the programme you want to record then click the “request programme” and follow the instructions. There is no “series link” facility.

You can also use the calendar facility to go back in time to pick up programmes from up to 30 days ago Once recorded it will be added to “MyBob” for you to watch. It will also be available to other users through the search facility.

You can add any recorded programme to MyBoB playlists

An email alert can be set up to let you know when your programmes are ready to view.

Watch this short video tutorial on how to request a programme