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Product Design

Useful Websites

  If you're looking for some relevant websites to support your studies some of these might be useful - 

British Plastics Federation The British Plastics Federation (BPF) is the world's longest running plastics trade association.

Design Council The national strategic body for design in the UK.

Design Insite: the Designer's guide to manufacturing is the Designer's guide to manufacturing. Various manufacturing processes and materials are described as well as the products where they are used. 

Google Search Tips

Google Searching Tips

There are some tips you can use to improve the results. 

Look through all the results - the top one might not be the best for your research although Google will try to give you the most relevant one first there are many other factors to be taken into account. 

See Google's help pages.



Try some modifiers to type in your Google search box to refine your searches and get better results

  • Exact phrase searches - use "quotation marks" around phrases to get results that include the exact phrase

  • Looking to define a word or phrase - type define: and you will get links to definitions to your word or phase

  • Type Allintext: then your word(s) to search for word(s) in the text only

  • Allintitle: to search for multiple words in the title

  • Intitle: to search for single word in the title