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Study space and Computer Bookings

Booking on a desktop

For help on booking via the mobile version of the site, consult the Booking on a mobile section below.

Making a booking

Go to MyPC and log-in using your University username and password.

You will see the Booking Grid, which shows you the computers available to book:

The Where, What, and When menus can be used to refine what you see. So you can select 'Library computers' as the Site to make computer bookings, or 'Library study rooms' to make room bookings. If it's important to you whether you book a PC or a Mac, use the Resource Type drop down to select your preference.

You can book up to 14 days in advance. Use the When menu to select a day.

The coloured bars show that a a computer is unavailable, whereas the white/pale grey grid means that a computer is available. In the image above, computer number 3202 is available to book from 16.15 to 19.00.

Click on the grid where you want to begin your booking, and fill in the further details in the pop-up: 

Booking popup

Each booking can be up to 4 hours long, and you can have up to 10 bookings at any one time. By default you will receive an email receipt with details of your booking.

Checking and editing your bookings

You can check the details of your bookings by logging in to MyPC and selecting My Bookings from the horizontal menu along the top:

You can change the time of the booking (if there is availability) by clicking Edit and making the change in the pop-up. You will receive an email with details of the amendment.

Booking properties popup

If you click Delete, your booking will be deleted. Please delete any bookings that you no longer need. You will receive an email receipt for the deletion.

Booking on a mobile

If you log in to MyPC on a mobile, by default you will see the mobile booking screen (on the left below). If you want to use the booking grid on your mobile, switch to 'Desktop view' before logging in (on the right below):

Screenshot showing the mobile version of MyPC and the log-in screen on mobiles

Making a booking

Select Book Future from the Mobile view Main Menu. Do not use Book Now, as there is no need to make a booking if you are ready to use a computer straight away: just find one that is available and log-on.Mobile booking screen

You will be taken through six screens where you make choices about your booking. Click Next after each selection:

  • site (choose whether to make a computer or study room booking)
  • location (we recommend you skip this)
  • resource type (if it's important whether you book a PC or a Mac, specify that here)
  • date (up to 14 days in advance. Note: not all areas are open on weekends)
  • time (Note: the third floor is currently open Monday to Friday, 8.30-19.00)
  • duration (up to 4 hours long)

You will then be presented with your selection: if you're happy with it, click Find.

If there is an available booking matching your selections, you will be presented with it and asked to confirm the booking:

Mobile booking confirmation page








When you confirm this booking, you will receive an email with your booking details.

Checking and editing your bookings

From the Mobile view Main Menu select Show my bookings to view all your bookings, and Delete bookings to delete any unwanted bookings. You will receive an email receipt for deleted bookings.

MyPC mobile menu

Booking on a Library Computer

Making a booking from a library computer will generally be the same as booking from a desktop (see above). However, if you're booking for the same day, you may find that your current session conflicts with the booking you are trying to make, and you get a message like "You already have a booking for this time". If this happens, you have three options:

(a) Temporarily log out of your current session, and make a booking on a mobile device. You will then be able to log back in to a library computer until your booking starts.

(b) Temporarily log out of your current session, and make a booking using one of the quick access machines in the library Ground Floor foyer (next to the library information desk).

(c) Temporarily log out of your current session, and go to the information desk on the ground floor and explain the situation. During regular working hours the desk staff should be able to direct you to a member of library staff who has administrator access to MyPC, and who can make the booking for you.