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Referencing guide


In academic writing, it's essential that you cite (state) your sources of information and ideas. To ensure readers know where you found the information you must include references

You need to reference all the sources that you use in your assignments - by citing them in the main body of your assignment (an in-text reference) and compiling a full reference list at the end of your work. 

This guide will help you with using the Harvard Solent referencing style.  Please see the menu options for support with APA or OSCOLA.

Referencing links

A number of guides are available to help you get to grips with referencing:

Harvard Solent and law resources

For guidance on how to reference law resources such as cases and Acts using the Harvard Solent style, please refer to: Referencing law resources: Harvard Solent system

Law students should follow the OSCOLA referencing style.


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