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APA 7th Edition Referencing Guide

Authors with the Same Last Name

Within your text, include their initials so it's clear to the reader who you are referring to.

(S. Smith, 2015) ...... ... (F. Smith, 2013)....

More Than One Work in a Year

Occasionally you may come across an author who has written more than one work in a year and you wish to cite all of  them.

In you essay, put an a, or b ( or if they have written even more in the same year, c, or d etc)  after each date

This is a two step process..

Step 1 - compare the dates.  It is possible that your reference has a more specific date and these come after those with only a year.  Specific dates are put in date order, eg Dominelli (2002c May 15)

Step 2 - if your references have the same date, put the references in alphabetical order by title (disregard A, An, The, etc). However if your book or article is part of a series, put them in order in which they appear in the series, regardles of title.  

In Text: 

Dominelli (2002a).....

Dominelli (2002b)..

Dominelli (2002c May 15)

Reference List:

Dominelli, L., (2002a). Anti Oppressive Social Work Theory and PracticePalgrave Macmillan. 

Dominelli, L. (2002b). Feminist social work theory and practice. Palgrave.

Dominelli. L. (2002c May 15). Title. Publisher

No date

If you cannot find a date for a publication, put n.d.  after the author where the date should appear in both the text and the reference list.


In Text: 

Smith (n.d.)....


Reference list:

Smith, K.L. (n.d.). Title. Publisher

Two or More Works for the Citation

Two or More Works in the Same Parentheses

When your  citation includes two or more works, put them in the same order they would appear in your reference list. Separate them with a semi colon

In Text:

.....(Schacter, 2015;  Wells, 2007).

Unknown Author

Unknown Author

If your source does not have an author (but remember organisations can be authors, it does not have to be a human), use the title.  There are rules:

  • Titles of books and reports are italicised
  • "Article titles" are put in quote marks
  • "Journal articles are put in quote marks
  • "Chapter Titles" are put in quote marks
  • "Webpages" are put in quote marks.

A similar study was done of students learning to format research papers ("Using Citations," 2001).


If your authors is listed as anonymous, then treat this as their name.