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Human Resource Management (HR)

Recommended HR Journals

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Listed below are some specific journals, written by experts, which are relevant to your course. 

Search within these to find current, reliable and relevant academic information for your assignments.

These journals are subscription-only so you must access them through the links below and login using the instructions provided. 

If you search for a journal title in the Library Catalogue, use the Journals option under Resource Type.  Click on the View Online tab for access details.  We often have multiple providers for journal titles and you will need to check the available date to select the one which best suits your needs. 

Printed journals can be found on Floor 1A.  Most journals are now electronic only.

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Ensure you check which dates are available and read the off campus instructions:

Which are the best journals?

Advanced users may want to use citation indices to uncover the most cited articles via: