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Social Sciences


This page is to provide guidance on any of the common issues you may encounter when using library services.  Hopefully there won't be too many, but it may help you get a quick answer.   

If you don't find the answer to your question here,  contact library chat (see left hand side of this page).  CHAT operates 24/7.   You can book an appointment for individual help by emailing  

Journal Articles

This short video takes you through accessing journal where you seem to be going round in circles and not getting in

Getting Access to Online Journals

If you are having problems getting into journals or databases


  •  Are you entering your username instead of your university email address.  Our systems use your  university email address
  •  Double check on the library catalogue that we have access to the resource - watch the video above.
  •  Check on the library catalogue that the article falls within the subscription period we have access to - is it too old or too new.  The record will tell you.  If so consider an inter-library loan.
  •  Contact CHAT or email