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Library Staff Development

An outline of the sessions and development available during the year

Welcome to Journal Club

Two or three times a year, Kathryn will facilitate a session based on a piece of research - it can be anything - a journal article, report, web page or even a blog post. Read something interesting recently? Feel free to suggest it using the form below and discuss it with others.

  • The next journal club meeting is scheduled for: 16th October 2023 - 10.00-11.00 via Teams

Previous reading

16th October 2023:

BOWDEN, M., 2023.  The future library – an interview with Lisa McLaren.  In: Kortext Blog.  4th July 2023 [viewed 2nd October 2023].  Available from: 

16th May 2023:

BAGSHAW, J., C. KNIGHT and D. KERNOHAN, 2023.  ChatGPT, assessment and cheating – have we tried trusting students? In: WONKHE Comment.  20th February 2023 [viewed 4th April 2023].  Available from:

BBC NEWS, 2023.  Artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT sparks plagiarism concerns after passing exams [viewed 4th April 2023].  Available from: 

CNBC, 2023.  Why OpenAI’s ChatGPT Is Such A Big Deal [viewed 4th April 2023].  Available from: 

WOODS, L., 2023.  AI chat tools and information literacy.  In: Information Literacy Group Blog.  21st February 2023 [viewed 4th April 2023].  Available from:

30th March 2023:

NIEVES-WHITMORE, K., 2021. The Relationship between Academic Library Design and Library Anxiety in StudentsPortal, 21(3), 485–510 

8th February 2023:

JACKSON, A., CAPPER, G. and S. BLAKE, 2022.  The four foundations of belonging at University.  In: WONKHE research. 17th October 2022 [viewed 11th January 2023].  Available from: 

Suggest a reading for journal club