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Voting General politics books are in the 320s with parliament and government in the 350s 

Both sections are found on Floor 1A.

These are not located with the Law and Criminology titles on Floor 0A, so you will need to use the Library Catalogue to locate what you need. 

Finding Articles on a topic

Search these eResources to find academic journal articles relating to politics:



The most time-efficient way to search the UK Parliament and GOV.UK sites is to use Google's site: search (e.g. cabinet "prime minister"). 

Other useful sites include:

Official Publications

ParliamentParliament plays a vital role in ensuring that the Government remains accountable by:

      • examining prospective new laws and government policy
      • scrutinising the implementation of policy
      • debating the major issues of the day.

Use the resources below to locate important documents generated from these processes.

​​UK Parliament 

Includes all parliamentary publications including Bills and related documents, Commons and Lords Hansard (debates), Weekly Information Bulletin, Committee and Research publications.

Government Publications 

Includes all Government Command Papers and other key documents from 2005 onwards. 
Filter documents using the options on the left.

For older publications, try the University of Southampton's archives: 

​​This contains the full proceedings of both Houses and Commons Committee debates from the 1800s to the present day.

  • Comprehensive text searches for speeches prior to 2005 (e.g. tracking how often a word appears) can be carried out using Hansard Corpus

Government Papers

  • Green Papers are consultative documents issued by Government departments. There is a consultation period to enable interested parties such as professional bodies and pressure groups to propose and affect changes by lobbying. Find these on government websites:
  • White Papers set out proposed Government legislation (often command papers).  Find these via Publications (filter using the options on the left).

Parliamentary Research Links


Parliament produces excellent and up-to-date research on a range of topics and policy areas.  These sites are well worth a look.  

Search Parliamentary Materials - use Search Parliamentary Material to find publications and records of parliamentary business


House of Commons Data Tools and Resources  - Constituency and local area data, including health, housing, work and incomes data

Constituency Dashboard - key data by constituency



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