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Psychology uses  the APA style for references - use the links below for guidelines and help:

If you need any help with APA referencing, email

APA 7th edition LibGuide


RefWorks helps you manage references, create reference lists and in-text citations in the APA style.  

If you are new to referencing tools we advise that you use RefWorks   

Set up your account today and start importing references quickly and easily from  the library catalogue, Psychology Articles Combined, PsycINFO and even Google Scholar as you search.

Import a PDF of journal articles for future reading.

RefWorks LibGuide will give you more help and guidance on using RefWorks

RefWorks Video

This video will show you how to set up and use RefWorks.  It concentrates on the APA style, but also demonstrates switching between APA and Harvard Solent for the Criminology students.   


These two videos take you through some of the additional tools you may wish to use


Referencing Hacks

This tutorial will show you some "hacks" to help make the process of producing the reference list easier.  It does not touch on the tricker in-text citation process.   Please note that none of the hacks is foolproof, you do still need to understand your referencing style to detect any errors.  But all the hacks definitely do help