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RefWorks (ProQuest)

What is RefWorks (ProQuest)

RefWorks (ProQuest) is an online tool that allows you to collect, store and manage your references.  

This guide will take you through how to:

  • Create and organise your account.
  • Import references from the library catalogue (books and articles), databases, Google Scholar and websites.
  • Create in-text citations and reference lists.
  • Use  RefWorks Citation Manager 

When creating your account make sure you choose RefWorks (ProQuest) with a blue title bar and NOT RefWorks (Legacy) with the orange title bar.  

RefWorks (Legacy) will be completely deactivated so if you have references in a Legacy account you wish to keep, please login into it and select to upgrade to the newer RefWorks (ProQuest) version by January 2023.


ProQuest RefWorks


RCM current issue (October 2022)

RCM users on devices linked to Solent (e.g. on campus computers) may experience an issue with RCM hanging when inserting a reference.  If you login to RCM each time you open Word it may prevent the issue occurring but if you do experience it, please try the steps below.


If RCM hangs when you try and insert a reference you can try a couple of options to fix it:

  1. Close the RCM panel within Word and then re-open it by clicking on RCM in the Word ribbon.  Then insert another reference - this should force existing references to format and continue to format others you add.


  2. Select a different output style (such as APA) and click update.  Then change the output style back to Harvard Solent.  This should format existing references and continue to format others you add.


You can insert a reference list by copying and pasting references from your RefWorks account instead if needed.

Quick introductory video to RefWorks

Video tutorial

RefWorks have recorded an end-user training session to provide an introduction to using RefWorks and the features it provides.

Refworks end-user training session

Login to RefWorks

Use the link below to log into the latest version of RefWorks.