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RefWorks (ProQuest)

Importing references

Once you have created some folders in which to organise your references, RefWorks provides several ways of getting reference details into your account.  This makes sure that whatever source you are using, there is an easy way to extract the reference data and send it straight to RefWorks.  Below are some videos demonstrating how each option works, so you can choose the most effective for you at point of need. 

Exporting references from the Library Catalogue

You can export references from your results list in the Library Catalogue straight into RefWorks.

To do this, look for the RefWorks link within a record:

Expanded catalogue item with Refworks icon


You can also 'pin' several records and then export them all in one go from your pinned list:

Expanded catalogue items with Refworks icon


Please note: the export feature cannot pull across certain pieces of information - you will need to check your reference in RefWorks and edit these fields yourself if they are missing or inaccurate:

  • Edition statements that are written rather than numbered e.g. 'second edition'
  • Corporate authors - you will need to add these in to your RefWorks entry 

Importing references from databases help video

Video play icon  The video below will take you through importing references from databases.

Importing references from Databases


Importing references with Drag and Drop video

Video play icon  The video below will take you through importing references using the Drag and Drop feature.


Importing references using the Drag and Drop feature.


Editing RefWorks Records

RefWorks will occasionally not pull the reference over correctly and you will have to do some editing.  Watch the video to find out how.