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RefWorks (ProQuest)

Using the conversion tool to move from WNC to RCM in a document

You can now convert a document you have started with Write-N-Cite (WNC) to RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM):

  • Install RCM on your device (or open the installed version on a device on campus). 
  • Disable 'Track changes' before starting the conversion process if needed.
  • Open the document you started in WNC and wish to convert and save a separate copy.  Then open RCM, login and you should see a prompt to upgrade the document to RCM.  Complete the process and continue working with RCM.  Save this under a new filename.

Please note you cannot then work on the same document using WNC after conversion. 

Citations in tables and figures cannot be updated via the conversion process - please check and update these as needed separately.

If a document is edited by multiple users, all must have access to RCM.  

Conversion from WNC to RCM is not available in Word Online.


Further guidance and dealing with errors:

For full details of how to convert a document from WNC to RCM, plus advice on potential errors that may occur, please see the guidance provided by RefWorks: Write-N-Cite (WnC) to RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM) Migration