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RefWorks (ProQuest)

Harvard Solent style

Please find some helpful tips below to ensure the Harvard Solent style in RefWorks displays your references as accurately as possible.  Tips below concern both migrated and newly created references.

Blog Posts references


RefWorks will only display the year of the post once, rather than twice as outlined in the Referencing: The Harvard Way factsheet:

Refworks entry:   AUTHOR(s), 2014. Title of blog entry. In: Blog title. 17 March [viewed 10 October 2016]. Available from:

Harvard Solent example:  AUTHOR(S), 2014. Title of blog entry. In: Blog title. 17 March 2014 [viewed 10 October 2016]. Available from:

Only including the date once is acceptable, as you cannot alter your records to get RefWorks to display it twice.

Film / Video / TV / Radio

FILM/VIDEO/TV/RADIO etc. using the VIDEO format

Medium field

The medium (such as TV/DVD/FILM) needs to be entered into the Availability field when you create a reference for one of these sources.  

When manually creating your reference, do not add anything into the medium field.  Save the reference and on the main screen (not the edit screen) click on the highlighted Availability field and then enter your medium type.

You can also find the Availability field listed in the “other fields” section when you add/edit this type of reference.

Date and time of broadcast

Enter the date and time of broadcast in the Year of Release field to get this to display properly e.g. 2004 31 May. 22:00.  This will produce references like these:

FIFA's dirty secrets: Panorama, 2010 [TV]. BBC1. 29 November. 20:00

Test TV programme, 2014 [TV]. BBC2. 8th May. 20:00

Newspapers/Magazines references


Include the date in the Publish Date field, after the year and without a comma, e.g. 2004 23 July.  Include it in this format and not with the dates inverted as per the RefWorks help tip.  Do not add this information into the edition field, and ignore the duplicated date in the edition field on re-editing. 

This will produce references like this:

SMERIGLIO, V.L., 2004. My newspaper article. Times, 23 July, 10

Personal Communication references

Personal Communication

In both the Author and Recipient field include the author exactly as it should display (surname, initial.,) followed by the email address in brackets.  You will need to enter the Recipient's surname in capital letters if you wish it to display in capitals (the Author's name will automatically be capitalised):

Author: Large, G., (

Recipient: BROWN, A., (

Electronic Image references

Electronic Image - using the ARTWORK format 

You will need to click on 'Add more fields...' and then select two options to add into the reference: select the Date retrieved option and URL option and fill in the details for each as appropriate.

Films and Directors references

Films and Directors 

Use the 'Video' format to ensure references for films display correctly. 

In the final reference list, the film entries are displayed alphabetically by the Director's surname rather than by title.  As the film should be displayed alphabetically by title, when you have finished your work, save a copy and then cut and paste film references into the correct place in the reference list.