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RefWorks (ProQuest)

Before you start with WnC


If you have Office 2016 or later you should find that RCM (Reference Citation Manager)  is better suited to your needs.  

WnC is your option for Word 2016 or below.


New version of WnC June 2021

 RefWorks launched a new Write-n-Cite (WnC) version on June 23, 2021. This new version, 4.6.201 (or higher), will be available on the Tools page of RefWorks (and legacy RefWorks). In addition, all new versions will be available for download here. This new version will provide improved security so we recommend upgrading once it is available. Please note however, previous versions will still work.

Once the new version of WnC is released, on June 23, users who open WnC will see a message similar to the following.

WNC new version 6_21

Installing Write-N-Cite in Word

Write-N-Cite (WNC) is a tool/tab within Word that connects to your RefWorks account.  Use it to insert your in-text references as you are writing your assignment.  You can then automatically insert a full, final reference list based on those in-text references.  

To use it, you need to install WNC on your own PC.  You can then select RefWorks from the ribbon in Word and log in.  Select Harvard Solent as the style (if that is the one you need to use).  You can then click on Insert New to find the reference you need, format it as appropriate and automatically insert it into your work.

Please note: Write-N-Cite will not work with Office 365 users using the cloud-based app - Word must be installed locally.

Alert icon  Use WNC if you have Word 2016 or below. 

To install Write-N-Cite


  • In RefWorks click on the 'More' button on the tool bar and select tools.

Refworks window with More function highlighted


  • Scroll down to 'Cite in Mircosoft Word' and download the version suitable for your PC/Mac.

Cite in Microsoft Word window with Download and install highlighted

  • Go to the downloads and click on the file, select 'Run' to install Write-N-Cite to your PC.  Once installed a new tab will appear in Word, you can login into RefWorks from here and select the referencing style you wish to use.


Microsoft Word window with  Style and log in highlighted under Refworks tab


Installing Write-N-Cite in Word help video

Video play icon  The video below will take you through installing Write-N-Cite on to your PC.

Installing Write-N-Cite


Troubleshooting Write-N-Cite


Video play icon

 The video below will help you if you cannot see the Write-N-Cite tab.


Troubleshooting Write-N-Cite

Using Write-N-Cite

You can use WNC to create your in-text citations and your reference list at the end of your work.


To insert an In-text Citation and Reference List

  • Click on Insert Citation.

Insert an In-text Citation under Refworks tab


  • This will launch a dialog box which links to your RefWorks account.

  1. - Select the appropriate folder from your RefWorks account.
  2. - Select the reference you wish to insert.
  3. - If you need to add page numbers you can add them by typing them into the Suffix box
  4. - Click OK to finish and insert the citation.

Dialog box with 4 mentioned steps highlighted


  • Once you have entered all of your in-text citations you can easily create your reference list by clicking on 'Bibliography Options' and then select 'Insert Bibliography'.

Insert Bibliography under Refworks tab

Using Write-N-Cite help video

Video play icon

  The video below will introduce you to Write-N-Cite so you can easily create in-text citations and reference lists.


Using Write-N-Cite