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RefWorks (ProQuest)

Write-N-Cite (WNC) retirement

Write-N-Cite (WNC) will be retired from the university network in the coming months (by summer 2023).  RefWorks are looking to phase out this tool in the long-run and are not planning any development work on it. Please do not use WNC as you will no longer be able to work on documents using on campus machines if you do. 

If you have Office 2016 or later you should use RCM (RefWorks Citation Manager).   If you are a student or member of staff you can download the latest version of Microsoft Office here and you should use RCM (Reference Citation Manager).

Write-N-Cite (WNC) is your option if you have older versions of Word.  You can continue to install WNC on your personal devices via the 'Tools' menu in RefWorks.  You will not be able to seamlessly move between WNC and RCM on the same document currently - if you do this you may have to manually merge the two separate reference lists that are created into alphabetical order in one list when the document is complete.


Update February 2023 - convert your WNC documents to RCM using RefWorks' conversion tool

You can now convert a document you have started with WNC to RCM.  Install RCM on your device (or open the installed version on a device on campus).  Open the document you started in WNC and wish to convert.  Then open RCM, login and you should see a prompt to upgrade the document to RCM.  Complete the process and continue working with RCM.  Please note you cannot then work on the same document using WNC after conversion. 

If a document is edited by multiple users, all must have access to RCM.  

Conversion from WNC to RCM is not available in Word Online.