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Write-N-Cite (WNC) retirement

Write-N-Cite (WNC) will be retired from the University network by July 2024

RefWorks are phasing out this tool and do not carry out any development work on it so it will be removed from University computers by July 2024. Please do not start documents using WNC.

If you have Office 2016 or later you should use RCM (RefWorks Citation Manager) now.   If you are a student or member of staff you can download the latest version of Microsoft Office here and you should use RCM (Reference Citation Manager).

You can continue to install WNC on your personal devices via the 'Tools' menu in RefWorks to access on your personal device only until April 2024 (you will not be able to work on these documents using University computers unless you convert the document to RCM).  Technical support for WNC from RefWorks will cease at the end of 2024.  WNC will be completely deactivated by RefWorks for use by those who already have it installed by April 2025.


Convert your WNC documents to RCM using RefWorks' conversion tool

You can now convert a document you have started with WNC to RCM.  See WNC to RCM conversion for guidance.


Timeline of access to WNC and RCM (subject to change):

  • RCM – available to users of Word 2016 and above continually
  • WNC – available to install on personal devices until April 2024
  • WNC – available to access on University computers until summer 2024 (date TBC)
  • WNC - technical support from RefWorks ends at the end of 2024
  • WNC – available to use on personal devices where it has been installed prior to April 2024 up until April 2025 at the latest (decision on full deactivation will be made by RefWorks)