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Library services: essentials

Library laptop loans

The library has over 100 laptops that are available for students to borrow for a one-week non-renewable loan. To use a laptop at home, you must first have logged in to it once while on campus. You can shut it down after that initial on-campus log-in. There are two self-service laptop lockers that allow you to borrow or return a laptop at any time the library is open. One locker is in the library foyer (floor 0A), and the other is in floor 0C. 

Terms and conditions

By borrowing a laptop you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • I understand that the laptop is loaned for one week only, that if an extension is needed I should return the laptop borrow another, and that if no other laptop is available I should wait for one day before borrowing the same laptop again.
  • I undertake to return the laptop on time to ensure fair access for all Solent students. If I do not return the laptop on time, then I can be blocked from borrowing a laptop in future.
  • The laptop is loaned to me in my status as Solent University student or staff, and the loan is only valid for as long as I remain at Solent.
  • I am responsible for damage to or loss of the laptop during the period of my loan, and I can be asked to pay for a replacement if a laptop is not returned or badly damaged.
  • I am responsible for my own data security when using the laptop. I understand that I should not leave the laptop unlocked when not in use, and that I need to log out of the laptop before I return it, even if the laptop has powered down because the battery is empty.

Data Security

The library laptops do not automatically lock due to inactivity or battery failure. It is important, therefore, that whenever you are not using the laptop the screen is locked (at the least), and that you log out or properly shut down the laptop before you return it.

  • Do not leave the laptop unattended in public places.
  • Lock the laptop screen when carrying it or when leaving it unattended in your home.
  • Log out or properly shut down the laptop before returning it.
  • If you have any concerns about logging out of a library laptop then please speak to a member of library staff.

Software on Laptops

In general, our laptops have only a basic software suite installed on them. If you don't see the software you need in the list of programs, check the Software Center on the laptop to see if it can be installed. All laptops should have the same software on them.  If you need particular software, we recommend that you check for it on the laptop you have borrowed before leaving the library.