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Biomedical Science

Referencing introduction

In academic writing, it's essential that you cite (state) your sources of information and ideas. To ensure readers know where you found the information you must include references

You need to reference all the sources that you use in your assignments - by citing them in the main body of your assignment (an in-text reference) and compiling a full reference list at the end of your work. 


Referencing links

A number of guides are available to help you get to grips with referencing:

Email Support

Email Support

You can email for help.   Queries will be dealt with as quickly as possible but please allow up to 72 hours for a response from the Information team.   Please note that this service does not include proof reading or checking of references. 

Referencing Tutorial


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Watch the video and then attempt the tutorial


Referencing Tutorial 


Referencing Hacks

This video will introduce you to some tricks and tools to make referencing easier - but beware you still have to understand referencing to spot any errors as none are full-proof.


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RefWorks is software that allows you to easily store and generate references you have found during your research in the correct style. Use it to:

  • export references from eResources and the library catalogue
  • generate your in-text references and a final reference list

RefWorks - Video

Watch these videos to find out how to set up a RefWorks account and import references.  They briefly talk you through setting up RefWorks and then look at the other tools  such as Write N' Cite to help you include references into your work.  If you need anymore help, don't hesitate to ask!

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