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Customer Services

Library Charter

The library aims to provide resources, services and expertise that will support the University’s staff and students in their teaching, learning and research.

What you can expect from us

  • A pleasant and welcoming environment where you can study and work individually and in groups
  • Access to a range of services and resources – both in the library and online – that support your teaching, learning and research
  • A helpful, knowledgeable and professional team of staff who will help you to make the best use of the library and our resources and services
  • Fair access to services and resources for all Solent University students and staff
  • We will respond to your feedback in a timely manner:                                                                              
  1. Online Chat - we aim to respond within 3 minutes 
  2. Email - we aim to respond within 2 working days
  3. Information Point - we aim to respond within 2 minutes
  • Full details of how to contact us can be found here
  • We will continually look for ways of improving our services to you

In return, we ask you to

  • Follow our regulations and safety advice 
  • Respect our staff and other library users, and help us to maintain an environment that is suitable for work and study
  • Undertake induction and information skills sessions
  • Ask staff for help when you need it
  • Treat all our materials, resources and equipment with care
  • Carry your University campus card with you whenever you visit the library
  • Help us to improve our services by giving us your feedback.


Access policy

Solent University students and staff are very welcome to make use of our library service. Customers from other educational institutions and members of the public are also welcome to use a limited range of services and resources.

In order to maintain a safe and pleasant working environment we operate an access policy. Security systems help protect the resources and provide visitor statistics.

Access policy

All customers must carry valid identification to be shown to staff on request. University members must carry a valid campus card and all other customers a temporary library card (cards are not transferable).

Customers will be required to present their ID/campus card to gain admission to Solent Library outside of core hours.

Customer groups

We identify three groups of customers:

 1.  Members of the public

  • Sixth form, college, university, children under 16 and general public

When can you come in?

  • Monday - Friday - 8.00am - 11pm
  • Saturday and Sunday - 11am - 11pm
  • Vacation hours are advertised shortly before each vacation

What can you use/do in the library?

  • Use the books as a reference
  • Use the various study spaces

What can you not use/do?

  • Use computers
  • Use study rooms
  • Borrow any items

Children under 16, who are accompanied by an adult, may visit the library. They must be accompanied at all times and adults are responsible for ensuring that children are safe and do not cause disruption.

 2. University Members

  • Students and staff

All members of the university are issued with a campus card.

Lost campus cards must be reported to the relevant School and to the library as soon as possible. Replacement campus cards for students can be purchased online via the Solent online shop. The receipt and payment number must then be taken to the student hub where the card can be collected.

A valid campus card or temporary library card will be required for borrowing and other services.

 3. Subscribers

  • SCONUL, Alumni, paying members and others

Non university members can subscribe to the library and gain limited access to services and resources. Student and staff alumni can sign up for a card to gain access to services and resources. SCONUL members can also use the library.

To apply for access to the library:

  • Alumni can subscribe here
  • Visitors can subscribe here
  • SCONUL members can subscribe here

Please note: all our customers must adhere to the library regulations.

We hope that you enjoy your visit and if you have any feedback then feel free to let us know.