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Library Loans


Using the library

All students and staff must have their campus cards for access to the library and to borrow

All subscribers must have their subscriber card in order to enter the library and borrow (if permitted)

Library visitors must have a valid visitor pass with them to enter the library (these must be applied for in advance and are valid for 1 year).

Please treat library staff and other library users with respect and consideration. We do not tolerate abuse of library staff or other library users

Please keep noise and conversation to reasonable levels in all areas of the Library. In some areas, you must work in silence. In Quiet Study areas, we ask you to limit conversation

Please show consideration to other users if you need to use your mobile phone in the library. In Silent and Quiet study areas, please switch your phone to silent and move away from those areas if you need to make a call

Drinks and some cold snack foods are allowed, but please do not bring in hot, smelly or greasy foods, such as takeaways.  Alcohol is not permitted

If you want to take photos or film in the library, you must ask for permission from the Loans Office or Library Services Manager in advance

Please treat all library materials with care. You may be liable for any damage and be required to pay repair or replacement costs.  You are responsible for any material issued on your card. If you lose your card, or think it has been stolen, please inform a member of library staff as soon as possible.  Disciplinary action will be taken against anyone who deliberately damages, steals or attempts to steal any library materials or equipment

‚ÄčAll items borrowed from our libraries must be properly issued to you before they are taken form the building

Reference only items must remain in the library and cannot be borrowed

If an item cannot be renewed, you will need to return it to the library. You will be blocked from borrowing until it is returned

If you do not return library items when we have asked you to, we may issue a bill for replacement costs. If replacement costs are not paid and items are not returned, the University may take legal action to recover material or costs 

For a complete list of rules and regulations, please open the attached document.