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Library Loans

Lost and damaged items

What to do if your library items are lost or stolen

If you have lost an item borrowed from the library (including items lost as a result of theft) please let us know as soon as possible.

If you think you may have left an item in the library without returning it (or you can't find an item and would like us to check) contact us ( to arrange a shelf check.

The library has a fixed replacement charge for lost items but we do also accept replacement copies. Please read our policy on replacement items below.

Damaged items

If an item is damaged whilst on loan to you, please contact us (

Where possible library staff will try to repair damaged items but if it is felt that an item is no longer in a usable condition you would need to pay for or replace the item. This includes items that are damaged during flooding, fire, etc. Please read our policy on replacement items below.

Library policy on replacement items

We may accept a replacement copy of a lost or damaged item. Please contact us ( to discuss this first before you obtain a replacement copy.

Please also note the following points:

  • The replacement copy must be the same title and edition as the one issued to you

  • It must either be a new copy or a secondhand copy in good condition. For example, if you are buying a book via Amazon Marketplace, the item condition should be described as good, very good or like new

  • A book or journal must be intact and have no loose, torn or missing pages; the binding and cover must be in good condition; there must be no highlighting or marking/annotating of the text. A replacement CD or DVD must continue to play correctly and come with its box or case intact

  • We reserve the right to decline a replacement item if it is deemed unsuitable and to issue an invoice for the replacement charge instead

If you have supplied us with a replacement copy of an item and you subsequently find the original missing item you can keep the original copy. No form of refund would be provided in this instance.

Items borrowed from another library

Please note that different charges apply for lost items we have borrowed for you from another library (inter-library loans). These replacement charges will be much higher and you should contact document delivery staff ( immediately if such items are lost.