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Library Loans

Laptop Loans

Laptop loans
Laptop lockers

The self-service lockers can be found in the foyer area and on floor 0C of the Library.  Laptops that can be borrowed for 1 week and you will need a valid campus card to borrow.  The laptop MUST be returned after 1 week and cannot be renewed.

Please note: you must log-in to these laptops whilst you are on campus to be able to use them off-campus.

Borrowing a laptop

Borrowing a laptop is easy.  Just follow the instructions on the touchscreen.

You will need to scan your campus card and enter your PIN to borrow. The screen will then tell you which laptop locker is available (the locker will usually flash as well).

Scan your card again (this time using the scanner directly above/below the locker indicated) to release the locker door. You can now collect your laptop and charger.

Please note: If you have any blocks or overdue items on your record you will not be able to issue a laptop.

By using the system you are agreeing to the terms and conditions that apply to laptop loans (these are displayed near the machine so please do read them before making a loan). Loans are not transferable to another user.

Using a laptop

You must log-in to the laptop on campus before you will be able to use it off-campus.

Laptops must not be left unattended.  You are responsible for the laptop until it has been returned to the lockers and then removed from your library account.

Misuse of laptops may result in you being blocked from borrowing them in future. Fines may also be levied and charges will be made for the repair or replacement of lost or damage laptops or accessories.

When using laptops make sure you save your work to an external device such as a USB memory stick. Work saved directly to a laptop will disappear when the laptop is switched off.

Returning a laptop

Please follow the on screen instructions. You will need your campus card and PIN to return the laptop and will be directed back to the same locker it was issued from.

It is very important that you plug the locker's charger back into the laptop (not the laptop charger), otherwise the laptop will not be returned from your record.