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Library Loans

Overdue items

If an item cannot be renewed, a message will be sent to your university e-mail address. Items must be returned by the date stated in the e-mail.

What happens when items become overdue

An overdue notice will be sent by e-mail and a block will be placed on your library account.

Having a block on your account stops you borrowing or renewing any items (including laptops and some media production equipment) until the overdue item is returned.  Once the item has been returned, you should ask library staff whether the rest of the items on loan to you need to be renewed.

What if I no longer have an item?

Please take notice of any e-mails from the library. If you have lost an item, or think you may have already returned it or left it in the library, you should let us know as soon as possible (   

What happens next?

If items are not returned, further reminders and details of replacement costs will be sent to you by e-mail. Your library account will continue to be blocked and you will be invoiced.

Please note: Failure to pay this invoice on time may result in additional charges.