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Academic Staff

Information Skills Support

Where information literacy instruction which is incorporated into a taught unit, we have capacity to offer embedded support on a maximum of one unit per level, per academic year. Please agree within your course teams where this support is best placed and which of the options below best suits learners in your area.

If there are special circumstances where students need additional support please contact your information librarian.

More information can be found on the Information Literacy Menu@Solent

Video tutorials

Video Tutorials:

Online help produced by the Information Librarians that can be embedded in unit pages to maximise discoverability. This online provision may incorporate introductory videos covering specific information skills/competencies, such as referencing,  accessing and searching a particular resource, identifying key resources to locate information for a specific assignment or supporting wider transferable research skills.  Asynchronous delivery enables learners to easily access support at times and places best suited to their needs.

How to access: Please liaise with your Information Librarian

Live Teaching Sessions

Live lecture or workshop:

A one off information literacy training session delivered in class time using appropriate live streaming technology, recorded where appropriate,  can be arranged.  


How to access: Please liaise with your Information Librarian



Referencing support

Referencing support can take a variety of forms.  


  • Online tutorial
  • Email support for students with specific queries
  • One to one support 
  • Lectures or workshops on referencing and/or reference management software (RefWorks).