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Wellbeing While Studying

A guide for wellbeing while studying, with links and resources to help.


Worry Dolls

Worry dolls (also named trouble dolls; Spanish Muñeca quitapena) are small, mostly hand-made dolls that originate from Guatamala.

They can be made from any craft materials including pipe cleaners, wood, wool and textiles.

Worry dolls can be useful for those who experience anxiety.

You can use a worry doll to tell them your sorrows and worries. You can imagine them as a trustworthy "listener", "allayer" and "contact person".

The dolls are quite popular since they are so small, and thus easy to carry around.

The dolls can also be used as a distraction and fidget aid.

How to make Worry Dolls - Youtube Tutorial

Lavender Bags 

Lavender is renowned for it's ability to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Several trials have suggested benefit for sleeping and mood stabilising.

For some, it generates a serene state of mind and may reduce anxiety by affecting the body's fight-or-flight response.

Consider trying some in a small bag near your bed space.

Some people can react to lavender, so we suggest you do not put it too near your face. 

How to make Lavender Bags  - Youtube Tutorial

Collecting/Painting Pebbles

Firstly, the act of collecting stones or pebbles is great for mindful relaxation and getting out into nature.

Painting or decorating pebbles can allow us to take a step back from our thoughts and worries. It also gives us a chance to be creative at the same time. You don't need to be an "arty person" or need a design in mind. You can just start painting and see where your imagination takes you.

You can collect pebbles and from local river banks - make sure to collect the ones which are mainly rounded with a smooth surface for drawing on your design. (Please note that in the UK it is illegal to take stones from beaches. However, you can find them in local garden centres too.)

Whilst collecting/searching for the pebbles take some relaxing deep breathes, allowing yourself time to take in nature around you - can you hear the sound of the water flowing? Are there any flowers nearby? Can you smell them? etc.

When you've collected the pebbles, it gives you an opportunity to really look at them - how does it feel? How heavy is it? What colours can you see? etc. 

When you start to decorate the pebbles, find somewhere comfortable to sit, make yourself your favourite drink, and think back to the way you felt whilst being in nature and mindfully start to decorate them.

How to make Painted Pebbles - Youtube Tutorial


Colouring can be a great activity to help you to be in the moment. The colours, the motion of colouring and the satisfaction of seeing a picture come together are all great ways to relax your mind and focus on the present. 

These colouring books can be found in many different shops (e.g. The Works) and online platforms (e.g. Amazon.).  

There have been many studies conducted on the usefulness of mindful colouring. All with positive outcomes as a way to de-stress the mind and help to stop negative thoughts and rumination. 

Top tip - if you find your mind wandering whilst colouring, that is okay. Just be mindful of it and bring your mind back to the task at hand. 

"self-expression through artistic, visual means can be potentially therapeutic" (Mellick, 2001).

Relaxing music to listen to whilst colouring - Youtube Video

Community Board Games

Jigsaw Puzzle 

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