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Copyright @ Solent

Electronic resources

webpageElectronic resources tend to be licensed, especially for subscription databases. Users should ensure that their use is both in compliance with copyright law and any restrictions specific to that resource.




Databases and electronic journals

Databases and electronic journals

These are generally subject to copyright regulations and also any supplier licence conditions. 

Unless specifically allowed in the database licence, you should link to a document rather than download it. Many databases offer URLs guaranteed not to change. 

From 1 August 2016, generally you can print or download:

  • One chapter.
  • A single article from a journal issue.
  • One case from a volume of law reports
  • or no more than ten per cent of a work.

Use must be for:

  • Non-commercial research - information cannot be used for commercial purposes
  • Private study.

Some databases allow further copying – see the terms and conditions for that database or contact the library.

Aggregator databases host copies of full-text articles on behalf of publishers and the copyright often remains with the publisher. Consequently:

  • Copying limits may vary depending on the journal.

So you should either

  • Observe the general guidelines, or
  • Check the publishers’ websites.

You should also check information on sharing full-text documents



All content is covered by copyright.

You should:

  • Check the terms and conditions of the website.
  • If in doubt, seek permission from the website owner.

If no specific conditions are indicated on the website:

  • You can generally print or download single copies for private study or non-commercial research.
  • You should seek permission for multiple copies or commercial research.

You must acknowledge the source on all copies.

If you wish to link to a website:

  • Check for and meet any prohibitions or conditions.
  • Be careful when using frames – it could be considered as ‘passing off’ someone else’s work as your own if that is how it appears.
  • Take particular care with making ‘deep links’ into a site which may bypass ownership details and advertising on the homepage.

Check for any conditions of use on the website – if unsure it is safest to seek permission.