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Copyright @ Solent

Images and logos

Illustrations in books and journals

  • Diagrams, illustrations, drawings, photographs and other graphic works, may be copied, either as a part of the extract limits permitted by the CLA Higher Education licence, or in isolation, provided that they are copied from the pages of a source which is licensed material under the CLA copyright scheme.
  • Only copying from paper to paper is permitted for personal use although the CLA licence allows the library to scan images for designated course use through Solent Online Learning.


TIP: The CLA HE allows the library to scan images for educational use. Consider checking if there is a copyright cleared image available in an image bank or database or ask the library for information on digitisation:

Julie Kingstone: Digital Systems Support Librarian
Room: ML108 Ext: 3613. Tel: 023 8201 3613


Illustrations in newspapers

The Newspaper Licensing Agency ( NLA) licence permits the copying of photographs, illustrations and advertisements as well as text. Please see the pages on newspapers for further information.


Images from the internet

  • Most images on websites are copyright protected and remain the property of the individual or company who set up the website.
  • Please check before you download any images that it is legal for you to do so.  
  • You may be asked for payment  so please ensure that you check this before proceeding.  
  • Some sites (known as image banks) offer images which are copyright free and free for personal and educational use.
  • Google images is a good source of free to use materials. Use 'advanced search' to filter usage rights to those that can be re-used.   



Logos are nearly always protected and should not be used without seeking permission of the copyright holder.