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Copyright @ Solent

What can I do with my digidocs?

Can I email digidocs to students?

No – under the CLA licence for scanned documents, these items must only be available to students on a registered course of study via a reading list in a designated Solent Online Learning unit


Can I load digidocs anywhere outside of Solent Online Learning or supply them to anyone outside of the university?

 No – these documents must not be loaded anywhere else, be emailed or posted to other sites or users
 The CLA audits the documents and informs us of copyright infringements
 Breaching copyright in any way risks reputational damage

The digidoc front sheet clearly states that items should not be made freely available on the internet.

If either the CLA or the library discover that Solent’s digitised documents are available anywhere outside of the University, steps are immediately taken to have those items removed.

Please be aware that digitised documents are regularly checked by the library and the CLA for copyright infringement. Any infringement and subsequent reputational damage must be avoided.


Can I link to documents from other universities?

Digitised documents found online with a CLA front sheet for a particular institution, duration or course, are highly likely to have been posted in breach of the licence. Please do not link to such items.

Please check with the library first – we can verify the link or digitise a correct version for use here.

Remember that there is much on the internet that should not be there and infringes copyright. Please help us to comply with copyright and our CLA licence as much as possible.


What about my own personal copyright rights?

For information on your own rights regarding intellectual property law and the university’s rights to your work, please read the University’s intellectual property rights policy and help page.

Alternatively, email the University Intellectual Property Advisory Panel (IPAP) at