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Copyright @ Solent

Experts view - Copyright & Creative Reuse

View the full PowerPoint presentation looking at Copyright and reuse in education to gain a deeper view on Copyright. 

To view four specific areas of the presentation go to following pages within this LibGuide:

What is copyright? - view presentation: 'Copyright reusing others works'

What is copyright? view presentation: 'Copyright authorship ownership' (includes scenarios)

What is copyright? - view presentation: 'Copyright and intellectual property'

Caricature, parody or pastiche copyright exceptions - view presentation: 'Copyright exceptions' (includes scenarios)

Experts View - Films Audiovisual and Images

HUDSON,  E., 2022. Updated Copyright Guidance for Using Films, Audiovisual Works and Images in Online Teaching: Beyond the Covid Pandemic 

Updated guidance includes a checklist on working with section 32 (Illustration for instruction).

HUDSON, E., 2020. Copyright Guidance for Using Films in Online Teaching During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Covers: copyright; films; education; fair dealing; illustration for instruction; quotation; COVID-19; online teaching.